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Connecting credit and checking accounts to the platform allows for automated transaction download. No more downloading month end statements and compiling in Excel! 
First off let's clarify manual vs connected account. 

A connected account is tied back to a checking or credit account you may have. The connection allows for General Ledger to automatically receive your transaction data. We utilize a 3rd party service, Plaid, for this connection. It is secure, safe, and meets all regulatory requirements. 

A manual account is just as it sounds. You must manually add all your transactions into General Ledger. This is typically meant for cash transactions which may not be recorded via your connected credit and checking accounts. 
You may run into a situation where you want to manually add new transactions. It's super easy and can be done from the Pending and Ledger screens.
General Ledger works with our 3rd party partner Plaid to connect to your credit and checking institutions. Occasionally banks make changes to their online portals, passwords and usernames may have been changed, or other types of updates to the connections have been made. 

When these things happen Plaid is no longer able to keep the link open between your bank and our service. By logging back into your bank account when prompted you are giving Plaid permission to open up the link and retrieve the transaction data. 

It's important to access the information you care about without wasting time. We built out a great way to filter down your Ledger and save the views so you can access any time with just the click of a button.

For a long list of reasons you may want to pull your categorized transactions from the Ledger and export to a CSV file for use in Excel, Google Sheets, or another program. Your just a click away! We even offer the ability to export the entire Ledger or the filtered view you are currently have.


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